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vapor trickling ↓

some days ago, I shut this out after four or five album runs I think.

cover party
↑ and fuck photobucket too!

Стук Бабмука в 11 часов - лёгкое дело холод (Bamboo ClocksKnocks at X1 o'clock - cold is a soft thing)
vocal ambient/trip-hop/experimental
Tagline: Screw Portishead! Trip-Hop was invented in '91 in Russia!


notice this is nothing that will hit you right on the spot. works mostly as a neat background. It's more vocal ambient than trip-hop too... but hell, that line made me check them out.



Great 頽廃ROMANCE live yesterday. I think it was our final raivu for the season since I have tried to eat some of our members' brains and we are retiring for a name change and to play completely our own matherial on this project. We played in GRIBOYEDOV club which is a pretty nice local place ('the UK magazine MUSIC has listed us among the top three russian clubs', as their OHP brags... though it's really just been there for a real while and has always been kind of artsy~)

How cheap is it, calling a band 『 ? 』? it has been our latest hinch so far and while it's unpronouncable, obscure, read in all languages and can mean anything, it misses something on me. Like sense for starters - a nice band name should also probably have some meaning only we would understand - and that would be normally appealing to an audience broader than five people at the same time. ? is also so simplistic T_t and yet not hitting on me right away.

I'm once again obsessed with psytrance recently - sometimes it's the only kind of music in my player for days. I guess I'll throw in some tracks here in a while.

Oh and I've watched some stuff from CASCADE yesterday O_O
These guys screw with my head. Unexpectedly nice guro.

CASCADEのビデオCollapse )


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